Vacuum-pod car roof rack makes it easy to pop and swap between bikes and skis

Our friends at New Atlas wrote a few words about the STAG Rack. Read below!  Attempting to solve several bike rack issues all at once, Seattle's Stag Rack presents a versatile, multi-sport rack designed to mount on any vehicle in about two minutes. The system relies on vacuum cups and interchangeable mounts to easily switch between carrying bikes or skis so you can spend more time outdoors and less time dressing your vehicle in multiple racks and carriers to get there. ven if your vehicle is perfectly compatible with multiple rack solutions, you can easily find yourself spending a lot of time and money on different racks for different sports. And that can be compounded if your vehicle is difficult...

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Bless This Stuff

Stag Rack is an innovative roof rack that uses suction to secure your gear to your car. The versatile, multi-sport rack is designed to mount on any vehicle in about two minutes, letting you securely carry your skis, snowboards, road or mountain bikes for all adventures. The system relies on...

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