Don't want to buy several roof racks for your many sports? We've got you covered. The STAG Rack was created for multi-sport athletes like you to …

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Suctioning Vehicular Gear Racks

Weekend warriors are sure to be pleased by the 'Stag Rack' as a solution that will transform any vehicle into a powerhouse for toting sports gear, bicycles and more wherever you go.

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Man of Many Blog Post

When you’re a fan of many different sports, one of the biggest challenges you can face is just getting your gear to where you’re headed. Roof racks helped deal with that challenge, but the racks don’t always work for all your equipment, and when the seasons change you need to swap out the rack, which can be a hassle. Stag Suction Roof Racks are the next step in equipment transportation. Here’s how they work. Stag Suction Roof Racks have a system of six-inch vacuum cups that attach onto your vehicle. Suction cups? Yep, and don’t worry about how secure they’ll hold—they have a 200+ pound pull strength and will hold their seal for four to five hours, so they won’t come...

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