Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the suction last?

We ensure our vacuum cups are strong and well tested - each vacuum cup goes through a 48 hour suction test from our manufacture, as well as additional testing once we get them into our hands. When driving, our recommendation is to check them every time you stop for gas, bathroom break, etc. If you do that, even a cross country move (which one of our customers has done) will be no issue. Note: keeping your cups and the car surface clean goes a long way in creating a strong bond.

How strong are the vacuum cups?

Our vacuum cups are industrial grade with a rating of ~200LBS of vertical and lateral grip strength each. 8 of these cups on your roof is FAR more than anyone will ever need and will keep heavy gear safe.

What materials do the cups work on?

The best material to put the cups on are smooth surfaces without deep pores. Glass (including Tesla roofs), fiberglass, car paint, and smooth plastic are all great examples of what will work. We don’t recommend placing the cups on wrapped cars as the pressure from the cups could in theory cause bubbling.

How many skis and snowboards fit on the ski rack?

4 snowboards and 6-8 skis will fit on our ski rack, depending on the width of your skis. Our rack has enough clearance from the bottom side of the ski rack, to the roof of your car for nearly all types of bindings to fit when your board/ ski is upside down.

How do I use my rack after a day of skiing?

If you're planning on parking in icy conditions, we'd recommend purchasing a bottle of de-icing spray. These can be found at your local big box store for just a few bucks. Apply this to where the cups were placed, and after a day on the hill simply wipe off all snow and moisture (if it was REALLY cold, you might have to bust out the ice scraper) and apply the rack as normal. A clean surface really helps the cups create a tight seal, so if you have a small rag a light wipe-down can be worth it. Do all you can to warm up the vacuum cups before application, as the more pliable they are, the better they will grip.

What kind of bikes fit in the rack?

On both mounts, either a 15mm thru axle or 9mm quick release will fit flawlessly. If you have another size (for example, 12mm thru axle) just shoot us an email or provide that information in the order comments and we’ll make sure to get a mount that will work with your bike. We also recommend that each individual bike weighs no more than ~30LBS, for a ~60LB total weight limit.

Will you be coming out with more attachments, like kayak and cargo?

Yes! We are working to develop these attachments, and they will be out as soon as we have the bandwidth to produce them. Remember, if you get a rack now, the base unit will work on all future attachments - so you don’t necessarily need to wait until a new attachment comes out if you like a current one (with free shipping, it will be easy to grab an new attachment when it comes out). Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop on what’s coming next.

How fast can I drive with my rack?

While we cannot legally endorse you go above the legal posted speed limits around you, we have driven our rack far above the speed limit (100+ MPH) on a closed course for testing purposes and it’s held up fantastic.

How do you secure the rack to your car?

We’re developing a way to lock the rack to your car, but in reality, it’s not needed. The rack is designed to come on and off quickly and pain-free. If you aren’t using the rack, we recommend taking it off your car. It will take you 30 seconds and with that you’ll retain the style of your car, keep your MPG (you can lose up to 10% with racks sitting on your car), and you won’t be driving around with an empty rack on your car.

What’s your warranty?

We have a 1 year manufacturing defect for anything we send. If something happens to your rack, shoot us an email. We’re a flexible team who loves our customers - we’ll work with you individually to make it right.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Our rack is being sold to 9 countries across the globe. While we can’t offer free shipping due to cost, we will most certainly get you a rack. If you don’t mind waiting, shoot us an email and we can try to get you the cheapest possible shipping (you might have to wait a bit, however).

What Is the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow?

Great question! Modern scientists have concluded that the airspeed velocity of a (European) unladen swallow is about 24 miles per hour or 11 meters per second.

Do you guys even know how to get outdoors?

Yes! We’re a team of avid bikers, skiers, surfers, and overall outdoorsy people. We created this product because we thought it would be rad for ourselves... as it turns out, a lot of other people think so too.