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Winner - Entrepreneur Organization Pitch Competition

Hey STAG Fam, We thought we would share a bit about how our last week went! We entered into the Entrepreneur Organization GSEA Competition and we won!  One of our co-founders, Matthew, absolutely crushed his pitch and got us over $22,000 in prize winnings. This will help us provide a higher quality product to YOU GUYS! We don't pocket cash when things like this happen, we pass along the savings to you. This couldn't be any better timing, as we have just gone off pre-order and are ready for your orders. Not a long post - but just an exciting update for you all to get stoked about where we are at.  Cheers, STAG Fam  

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Meet Launchpad Cycling

Launchpad cycling is a sponsored team from STAG Rack, and a passionate group of individuals out to do good in the community. We connected with Chad and the Launchpad team before their season, and saw them do great things throughout the summer. With a motto like LEARN, SHARE, GROW, it was no suprise that these guys were awesome. Read more of this blog to learn about Launchpad, and how you too can be on a rad cycling team...

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Want a STAG Rack? You Might Want to Pre-Order.

Hi STAG fam! Here's a quick highlight of why you might want to pre-order. If we had to sum it up, this is what we would say... high demand, low supply! Since completing our Kickstarter we've had constant orders, and maintaining our quality is our #1 priority.  If you want to guarantee you'll get a rack, you need to pre-order. With limited batch sizes, we can tightly control our business. The downside is that it means we might have to go on pre-order again once we sell out. For the upcoming winter and holiday season, pre-ordering is the only way to be 100% sure you'll get a STAG Rack quickly. Have any more questions? Feel free to reach out and we can set up a time to...

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Surfing Paradise

Have you guys seen the new surf community that is going to open up in SoCal? A developer who loves to surf (bless his/ her soul) wants to build a $200 million wave pool located right in the middle of Palm Desert, CA. There will be over 300 rooms, over 60+ villas, restaurants, shops, you name it and it's there. You can even rent a board or a GoPro for the day. Now, the wave pool won't be cheap with an estimated rate of $135 per hour, but when is the last time you have surfed PERFECT waves for an hour? That's a lot of surf time! Saving up $270 for a SoCal surf trip, and getting 2 hours of...

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ThatDope STAG Roof Rack

Stag Rack is aninnovative roof rack that uses suction to secure your gear to your car.The versatile, multi-sport rack is designed to mount on any vehicle inabout two minutes, letting you securely carry your skis, snowboards,road or mountain bikes for all adventures. The system relies on vacuumcups and interchangeable mounts to easily switch between carrying bikesor skis. Built-in pumps seal the cups in place, and a pressure indicatorlets you know when that seal is good to go, with 200+ lbs of strength.The modular, quick-release design lets you use the same set of cups formultiple sports. Read more of this post here.

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