Surfing Paradise

Have you guys seen the new surf community that is going to open up in SoCal?

A developer who loves to surf (bless his/ her soul) wants to build a $200 million wave pool located right in the middle of Palm Desert, CA. There will be over 300 rooms, over 60+ villas, restaurants, shops, you name it and it's there. You can even rent a board or a GoPro for the day. Now, the wave pool won't be cheap with an estimated rate of $135 per hour, but when is the last time you have surfed PERFECT waves for an hour? That's a lot of surf time! Saving up $270 for a SoCal surf trip, and getting 2 hours of surfing (which I guarantee most people could barely stand after) is a pretty good day. Check out some rendered images courtesy of The Wall Street Journal below.

The wave pool will feature a 5.5 acre surfable area

Some would call this a land locked surf paradise, and we agree!

Riding a wave while waving to people staying nearby? Sounds good to me.

While these are only rendered images (made to look similar to what the developer had in mind), it's still a pretty rad thought. Based off what we can see, it looks like he's going through with it. Starting in 2021 there might be new place to surf in SoCal! As if there wasn't enough surfing in that area anyways...


What do you guys think? Would you shell out some decent cash for some killer surfing? Let us know below in the comment section.




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