One Year Anniversary


That's all we can say. Where does the time go? STAG Rack was launched on Kickstarter on October 16th, 2018 - just about a year ago. We've come a LONG way since then! Check out this clip from one of our early concept design videos leading up to the Kickstarter.

Things sure do look a lot different now! The concept was the same - one rack that could do multiple sports. Can you spot a difference? For starters, we beefed up the rack and added additional vacuum cups to the design. Along with that, we first started with a 'rail system' to switch between sports. After rigorous testing and many design changes, we formulated our signature 'base unit'. 

STAG Base Unit

Since then, our whole business opened up and we have really started to see growth. Since 2018, we have sold our roof racks in 8 different countries! It was an awesome accomplishment for us to get overseas and really gave us a huge boost in motivation.

Check out this more recent video showing the rack and how easy it is to use!

Ahhh, now that's much better! Our current design let's users switch from ski to bike in just seconds, using our extremely secure and user-friendly u-bolt system.

Well - here's the truth everyone... this is just year one. Great businesses don't explode in just 12 months - nor should they. We are taking our time making sure we do everything right. That's what more important to us than sales - quality and running a sound business! When you support us, you aren't just buying and awesome and versatile roof rack, but you are helping us grow something that we think the market needs.

This winter we'll be offering a discount to you all, our loyal supporters. Keep watching our site and social to learn how you can save... or if you're impatient, feel free to email us and we can you hooked up right now ;-)

Happy one year everyone! Here's to many more years ahead of fueling outdoor adventures!

- Team STAG 

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