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Hey STAG Fam,

Did you know we have a cycling team we sponsor? If you didn't, you should check them out. Launchpad Cycling is their name, and we couldn't be more stoked with the relationship we developed with them. Their motto is: LEARN, SHARE, GROW. With such an uplifting creed, it was no surprise that the team themselves were comprised of amazing individuals. 

Based out of Seattle, the team has strong PNW roots. Cycling in the cold or rain won't stop them - as a matter of fact it seems to fuel them! We got involved with the team about 6 months ago, and have seen them grow such much as a team (both in size and effort!) throughout the summer of racing. Since we do live in the PNW, their racing season has recently concluded. They will still be active, however, both on their website as well as on their social media accounts (@launchpadcycling). There you will find awesome pictures like this of a recent group ride. Check out those jerseys (and the STAG logo)!

Check out these jerseys!

Check them out! Interested in joining? They are a group of incredible passionate, motivated, and friendly group of individuals. From beginners to pros, they have all levels and are more than happy to ride with anyone. During the winter months they will be doing weekly cycling workout to prepare for next summer season, reach out! After all, your season's success is determined by how hard you work in the off season. Just like anything in life, it's what goes on behind the scenes that really pays off.

Thanks for the read!

- Team STAG 

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