Our Kickstarter Experience

Hi STAG Fam!

What an experience our Kickstarter was. We reached our goal in less than 2.5 hours and that got us up and running! With nearly $20,000 you might things went perfectly... but not quite! What did we learn from running the STAG Rack on Kickstarter? Well here are a few things we experienced and thought we could share:

1. It's going to take more time than you would think. Even if it just answering emails, questions, or sending updates, it WILL take more time than you think. If you were like us and had to be at our day jobs from 9-5 during our kickstarter, make sure you find 15-20 minutes here and there to respond to messages. Or hire-out and find a resource who can help you respond during the day.

2. Don't bank on someone you talked to being a backer. Just because you had a great conversation with a potential customer, and they said they will 'likely' be buying, don't bank on it. Make sure you treat them just like a random visitor (prompt responses, detailed answers to questions, etc.) because they are still on the fence... and each backer matters!

3. Make sure others know what's going on. My girlfriend and our friends were slightly confused when I was working until 1:00AM each night. I don't blame them! It's a wacky time during your Kickstarter. Make sure you effectively communicate to your loved ones/ close friends during your campaign that you will be tied up and that it's unlikely you'll be out of the house much.


Are you thinking of running your first Kickstarter? Shoot us a message! As young aspiring entrepreneurs we know exactly what it's like when faced with the daunting challenge of running your first Kickstarter. A bit of advice from someone who has done it once before goes a long way. 

Thanks for reading, STAG fam! Now get outside and go do something rad!



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