STAG Rack - For the Outdoor Enthusiast **Kickstarter Live Now!**

The STAG Rack is the worlds first interchangeable roof rack - and it could be yours. Launching on Kickstarter TODAY, it's time for this product to hit the market. Designed for those who want more performance out of their outdoor sport roof rack, the STAG Rack has the incredible versatility to switch between sports in just seconds. Here's a secret: there's an early-bird $100 discount for our earliest backers! 

Here are some key highlights:

  • Interchangeability between ski and bike (with more sport attachments to come!)
  • Can be installed by one person in less than 2 minutes
  • Fits on virtually any car
  • Comes standard with the ability to fit 4 snowboards, 4 skis, or 2 bikes
  • Each individual vacuum cup is rated for over 200lbs, together that's 1600lbs of pull strength!
  • Standard capability to hold both 9mm quick release and 15mm through axle bikes

We were tired of having to buy 2 or 3 expensive racks for the sports we love, but now, that's a thing of the past! The STAG Rack comes with attachments to serve both the avid skier and biker, but it doesn't stop there; after our Kickstarter, we will be introducing more attachments for STAG Rack. Kayak? Surf? Roof box? You betcha. All the same base unit meaning there's no need to purchase a brand new rack each time!

Check out this quick video to see the rack in action:

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