New Bike & Board Rack Works Easily with Almost Any Vehicle Thanks to Super Strong Vacuume Cups

Thanks to Out There Outdoors for this blog post!

Born here in the Pacific Northwest, STAG Sports Rack hopes to transform the way we haul our various outdoor toys around on our vehicles. With a Kickstarter campaign that launched October 16, 2018, if you’re the kind of person who may snowboard on Saturday and break out the mountain bike on Sunday, you’ll want to get in on this revolutionary rack system from the get-go. The STAG rack system was created for multi-sport adventurers who need to carry skis, snowboards, and road and mountain bikes and want one simple rack system to do it all that works on just about any vehicle (even small cars).

While their initial Kickstarter product launch includes attachments for two bikes, four skis, or four snowboards, STAG plans to follow up with additional attachments that could accommodate kayaks, surf boards, and a gear storage box. The other major innovation with STAG racks is the easy-release, crazy-strong vacuum cup roof attachments. No nuts, bolts, or screws required. Each vacuum-cup is 6 inches in diameter with a rated pull strength of 200+ pounds, or 1,600+ pounds for a full eight vacuum-cup rack base set up. The beauty of this system is the rapid ease with which you can attach and remove the rack and swap out gear attachments on all types of vehicles. This also makes it easy to improve your vehicle’s MPG by simply not driving around with your rack on all the time since it’s so simple to remove. Check out STAG Sports Rack’s Kickstarter campaign for more info or  visit their website.

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