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The STAG Rack is a multi-sport roof rack - meaning it has attachments to make it interchangeable between carrying skis, snowboards, road bikes, or mountain bikes - that attaches to your vehicle's roof with suction cups. Yes, suction cups.

But more like the suction cups a random dude uses to climb Trump Tower with than the ones my mama uses to hang stained glass trinkets from her windows. The kind, according to STAG Rack, that are "CRAZY STRONG."

Each STAG Rack vacuum cup measures 6" in diameter, and has a pull strength of over 200 pounds, for an overall rack rating of 1,600+ pounds. You attach the STAG via built-in pumps that create a vacuum seal good for 4 to 5 hours (a marker alerts you when it's time to seal again.) At that point you can re-pump and reinforce the seal in a few seconds. The payoff: a roof rack that pops on and off your car easy, and leaves behind no trace of ever having been there.

STAG Rack is even more proud of its ability to swap out gear between multiple sports with a series of attachments. Right now the base unit and rail come with a ski / snowboard attachment and a bike attachment, but STAG is working on creating more for further versatility.

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