Creating a world's first.

STAG Ski Rack Helps you Carry 4 board or 4 skis
We started STAG to provide a better solution for the outdoor enthusiast. We set out to create the most versatile, user-friendly, and affordable premium vacuum cup roof rack to date. Being 100% funded on Kickstarter in 2.5 hours provided the monetary fuel for our mission; our drive and desire to grow is why we will thrive. The support we have gotten from the community has been overwhelmingly positive and has allowed us to grow and make our dreams become a reality. We’ve been working late-nights and early morning to create STAG, and we couldn't be more stoked to serve our customers.

We sell roof racks.

Not just any ordinary roof rack, however. Our racks are designed using vacuum cup technology, giving each rack over insane grip strength for your gear. Beyond utilizing innovative technology in order to adapt to nearly every car, we are the very first roof rack with an interchangeable design. No longer will you have multiple racks for the sports you love. Having one base, and multiple attachments gives you the flexibility and design you’ve always been craving.  

Get Stoked.

Co-founder Joey showing some personality
Our mission isn’t just to create an amazing brand and empower action sport athletes to enjoy the sports they love - we want everyone to be stoked. Proceeds from select STAG gear will go to a local non-profit organization to support community growth. When your biggest problem in life is whether you should spend a Saturday skiing, biking, or surfing, you know you’re blessed; we’re starting this company with that perspective in mind. Things could be worse, and we need to help those who need a hand.  
Thanks for the support!
- Team STAG 



Extra Credit: Check our Kickstarter that funded us nearly $20,000 back in 2018!

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