How Strong is the Prodcut

Introducing the world's first interchangeable roof rack.

Don't want to buy several roof racks for the sports you love? We've got you covered. The STAG Rack was created for multi-sport athletes like you to securely carry your skis, snowboards, road or mountain bikes for all adventures (with kayak and surf coming very soon).


How Strong are the Vacuum Cups?

In two words: CRAZY STRONG. 

- Each vacuum-cup is 6" with a rated pull strength of 200+ lb.

​- Front/Back racks combine for 8 total cups

​- Overall pull strength of 1,600+ lb. 

​- Vacuum seal lasts for at least 4-5 hours, re-pump in seconds

​- Red line marker to alert when a re-pump is needed

​- Luckily, easy release tab to remove (too strong otherwise)

​- Fun fact: moisture increases grip, so rain makes it stronger!

For the person who can't choose just a single sport.

The average roof rack offers a single attachment for only one sport- but you aren’t average. You like to do it all. Hit the slopes on a ‘sick day’ from the office or bike from Seattle to Portland with a group of friends - we've got you covered!




More than one sport option. Quick and convenient to switch between interchangeable attachments.


Each 6" vacuum-cup has a 200+ pound pull strength, so this rack is STRONG. In the cold, heat, rain, or snow, the STAG Rack won’t budge.


Create a package that is right for you. Only buy the attachments and options that you need.


Don’t feel tied down to a permanent rack on your car– the STAG Rack is there when you need it and easily stored when you don’t.

Have a question, or still aren't convinced? Drop us an email or connect on Instagram @stagrack