#1 STAG Base Unit

Well.. most important is our STAG Base unit. Our design allows customers to use various sports with just a single rack - no longer do you need to buy 2 or 3 entire racks to enjoy your sports. You’ll still get the incredible benefit of using vacuum cup technology (allowing you to use the rack on virtually any car), but don’t have to pay the price of an entire rack when you only want to add another sport. By selling our attachments, we don’t run the costs of a full rack and can pass these saving along to you. Check out our best deal, the Ski & Bike Combo.

#2 U-Bolt Technology


Our u-bolt is awesome - plain and simple. Once you use it for the first time, you’ll truly understand how convenient it is for multi-sport athletes. We pride ourselves on the fact that you won’t ever need a tool to install a STAG rack on your car. To switch out attachments you simply need to take off the safety strap, slide the u-bolt out from the base unit of your rack, and throw a new attachment on. It’s secure, intuitive, and takes less than 30 seconds to switch sports. No more fiddling with roof bars, tightening bolts, or just leaving a rack on your car all season long because it was a pain in the a** to put on (which can save you tons of $$$ per year on gas).

#3 Versatility

This vacuum cup is one of eight that holds the STAG rack to the roof of your car.

No tools, virtually any car, small enough to travel with, and multiple sports make our rack an instant ‘why didn’t I have this before’ product. Want to head out for a weekend ski trip with the guys? Does your brother want to borrow the rack for an upcoming bike excursion? Maybe your partner needs it to go surfing with her friends. Different cars? No problem. Different size bikes? No problem! Multiple surfboards/ skis/ snowboards? No. Freaking. Problem. All of that is possible at an affordable price with the STAG Rack.

#4 Humble Beginnings



We’re a small company… just like that flower shop down the road, the auto shop around the corner, and kind of like that photographer who took your senior photos. What does that mean? Well, every time you email us you’re dealing with a co-founder of the company. Each time you speak with us, you’re speaking with someone who can actually make something happen. We pride ourselves on doing our best to make sure each and every customer is 100% satisfied with their order, and we’re hungry to keep doing our best. We raised $17,500+ in 2 hours on Kickstarter thanks to you, and we are just getting started. Join the fun and help grow a #smallbusiness!
- Team STAG